Opportunities for a cheap house?

They are abandoned, they are empty and there are many of them, with little potential for renovation, or is it? It’s a big job to renovate a house. If you’ve renovated one room, you already know how much chaos there can be of it. And there is only one room, what would it be like to renovate an entire house? A house that has also been empty for a lifetime. We’ve collected 10 houses you’d never have been able to renovate.

Beautiful Mansion

In a fascinating fashion, this abandoned house is frighteningly beautiful. It is not difficult to imagine what this castle must have looked like in its time. Here you would have to invest huge amounts of time and money to get it back to its deserved glory. The question is well whether it would be worth the wealth worth the effort or whether it simply does its best as it stands.

Skummelt hus2

The anguish of choice

What really happened here? Bricks in the windows probably don’t have the biggest feature, other than to maybe make sure someone couldn’t get out. We can vividly imagine how this renovation would have gone by. I guess you’d really fear moving as much as a twig. Definitely best to leave.

skummlet hus 9

Could there be hope?

At first glance, it may look like a house that had only needed a small quick fix, molded-in masonry with doors and wooden windows. But if you look closer, the house is filled with cracks and wounds that protrude further down than just the surface. A misstep here and you are covered in stone and plaster, good luck!

Skummelt hus 8

Possible Potential?

We’re pretty sure your patience had been put to a serious test here. In the eagerness to acquire a “fixer-upper” as on television, the probability is high that you had run out of both money and time.

Skummelt hus 1

What about the car maybe?

There is not much left to save, but the car, on the other hand, that we would have taken with us at a furious speed and given new life.

Skummelt hus 3

House in the forest

Here you get more to fix than just a house. Just the thought of what might be in and around this house is enough to feel the appetite for work fading away. It would have taken an eternity just to get the plot in order, too, should you have started at the house. No, both the house and the plot should get around with an excavator. Smooth it with the earth and start over!

Skummelt hus 5

All or nothing

Here are some who have not properly managed to make up their mind. Is it going to be a detached house? should there be small houses or large houses? It certainly looks as if it has been decided that no one should use it, and we understand that well, in every way.

skummelt hus 6

Never in the world

You see you have a problem if you have to weed inside the house, so love flowers we are not. At what end should one have begun to renovate this? You’d be in good luck if the whole foundation hadn’t come to the meeting.

skummelt hus 10

Not if it was free!

No, it wouldn’t help to just give it a little coat of paint. There’s more to that house here than just the color scheme. A small rung on the sidewall that is stuck in the front window, completely normal. Here even the Sinnasnekkeren had thrown in the towel.

Chills on the whole body!

What to call this? Accommodation? Apartments or Houses? It’s a whole area that’s decaying and we’d had great difficulty just taking a walk here, let alone renovating it. It’s just realizing that some houses aren’t saved.

Skummelt hus 14

There are plenty of decaying and forgotten houses from the past and they can be fascinating enough in themselves. And there are probably many who had seen it as an easy solution to buy a tired and decaying house and then refurbish it and come out of it so well. But all houses are not worth saving, really not.

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