Det is said that “self-made, is well done”, but sometimes it is okay to realize its own restriction and put the job away to professionals. Baking a cake is mostly fine for most people, but making cakes designed as figurines can quickly present some challenges. Sometimes it may simply be just as well to make ordinary muffins that are garnished with icing sugar. Take a look at these 12 epic cakes where nothing went quite according to plan.

Well worth the try!

Elsa Cake
Elsa from the movie Frost…

A job has really been done with this cake, and it is quite possible to understand the idea behind it, but it is not always the result being as one imagined. It’s far from the worst we’ve seen, and practice does as a known champion.

Can you guess that?

Cake Thomas Locomotive
Can you see it?

Pippi has the familiar phrase ” I’ve never done that before, so I’m sure I can do that.” When the plan was to recreate the Thomas locomotive we can say with certainty that it would probably be best with a cake from the local baker.

No to no

Cake monster
The Cake Monster

Poor cake monster and poor child who’s been looking forward to the cake monstrthrue. And last but not least, poor the one full of zeal should line up with this year’s cake.

Forever in Love

Wedding cake pigeons
Maybe not the dream cake for dream day.

A dream cake on dream day? It’s both pigeons and glitter, but it doesn’t seem to have helped much on the end result.

What happened here?

Cake Hedgehog
No, no, no, no, no, no, no,

This cake! What to say? They were supposed to make a hedgehog, but this probably ended up more like a mutated version from a sci-fi movie from the 80s.

They should have for the experiment

Cake Spongebob
Spongebob Squarepants …

This attempt to recreate SpongeBob has probably added a good portion of laughter to the company. With a little goodwill you can see that it should resemble Spongebob, but something dramatic has happened, especially with the eyes.

Possible taste was good

Cake panda
Should’ve been a Panda…

It’s been a lot of time to make muffins that should look like different shapes. This experiment would end up as a cute little Panda, with delicious Oreo biscuits as an accessory. It didn’t go the right way, but we bet the icing was fine, and Oreo biscuits are Oreo biscuits.

Extraterrestrial joy

E T kake
E. T Phone Home…

If this cake imagined a mummy, the result wouldn’t have been so half wrong, but like E.T, there’s not much to say. The best thing about the whole cake is the eyes.

As a profile picture

Cake snow white
Here something happened along the way…

First thought here are today’s facebook profiles. On the left is the picture we share of ourselves, and the picture on the right shows what we really look like.

Eternal yours?

Wedding cake yellow
The thought was good.

This cake really looks like a school project and we sincerely hope this was not a gift from the future mother-in-law.

It’s approaching

Cake frost snowman
The snowman from Frost…

The result is not to cry over, and had enough added a whole lot of humor to a company. It looks a little wild and crazy, at the same time you can easily see that it should imagine a snowman. All in all, it’s not so half-crazy.

Did they just give up?

Cake little mermaid
In fact, not to recognize…

This poor cake seems to be the result of having tried time and time again, where they didn’t make it, and eventually ended up with a pink clown. That’s it! Finished!


We admire everyone who sets about life and desire into the great unknown. It’s like making a cake for the prince or princess. The Googles and youtube’s, it is whipped and stirred, for hours in the kitchen. Still as optimistic, and the result is as far from the plan as it is to come, but everyone is equally happy, and even a little more.

Was the pressure a little less and the day a little better?. Everything doesn’t have to go according to plan, but life can be fun after all.

Wishing everyone a brilliant weekend, we all need to laugh a little 🙂

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