Your supplier of railings, stairs
and Glass products.

Norline Design AS was established in 2018 but has 12 years of experience in the industry. NL Design’s two primary business areas are glass and railing solutions, as well as stairs. They are also dealers/importers of all types of glass to the customer’s wishes. Norline Design adapts and tailors right down to your wishes. Norline Design has premises strategically located right next to the new E18 in Tvedestrand. Norline Design is your total door of Railings, Stairs and Glass Products. Norline Design has stylish designs and options for tailored solutions.

Postless railing

Railings NL- Design replica
Nice postless railing. NL- Design

Postless railings are with its minimalist expression and tight lines, our most exclusive railing. With this railing, you preserve your view in the best possible way. Alu rail for top or side mounting. (Can be painted according to your request such as the picture)

The height of the glass can be supplied as desired. The glass can be supplied in any type of color, and design.

Postless railing with glass bolts

With bolts copy
Postless railings with glass bolts.

With the glass bolts, you get a very modern look, while the railings take care of the view. The railing is widely used in houses with a modern expression.

Glass bolts for side mounting.

Height of glass as desired,

The glass can be supplied in any type of color, and design.




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