Get your shine back on the tiles

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If you think the tiles and joints in your bathroom have lost their shine, we have the advice that will make them shine again. Washing the bathroom with tiles and joints often appears as an insurmountable job. But with the right tool and good routines, they will quickly shine again.


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If you have previously washed your tiles with green soap, you have to take a small round of clean, warm water and a cloth. Wash all the tiles well with the clean water and wipe with a clean cloth.

Choose the right cleaners


It is important to choose cleaning agents that fit the tiles right. If you use the wrong cleaners, your tiles will never look really clean. Steer clear of green soap. It has a high pH value and will leave behind a layer of grease that dust and dirt can attach to. At the same time, the tiles will look unwashed.

Ordinary dishwashing liquid is so-called pH neutral. It will remove soap residues and all dirt on your tiles. You can use dishwashing liquid for the weekly bathroom cleaning. Fill the soap and water a washing bucket. Wash over the tiles with the soap mixture and wipe with a dry cloth or paper towels.

Have you had a bad time lately? Put the shower on high heat and let the steam fill the room. The steam loosens the impurities and the tiles become easier to wash.

Have you had a fungus accumulation on the tiles? Wash the tiles with a disinfectant such as chlorine

Use gentle cleaning products as possible. Then there will be less wear on the surface of the tiles.

The joints

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When the bathroom is going through proper cleaning it is a good idea to take the joints at the same time. A bright joint looks quickly dirty, but with a little work and weekly cleaning, they can be kept clean and neat.

Remember that you must never mix chlorine and ammonia, toxic gases will develop and can give you Remember that you must never mix Chlorine and Salmiakk, toxic gases develop and can give you Remember that you must never mix Chlorine and Salmiakk, toxic gases develop and can give you difficulty breathing difficulties.

Use an old toothbrush, hot water, and chlorine. Gently scrub the joints and wipe over with a cloth. Do this until you have the result you want.

Daily maintenance

Remember to use clean sponges and cloths. The clothes should be dry.

A bathroom looks great with tiles, but it takes a bit of you to maintain them. The best thing is to wipe over the tiles every day, after use. Keeping them dry makes it difficult for bacterias, mold, and soap residues to attach.



An old saying says you should use a cold candle and iron directly on the joints. This will clog pores, and soap will not cope with the pores. The stealing will be washed away over time, so give it a try, and save yourself time and not least work.


Dry the tiles after daily use.

Wash the tiles with washing-up liquid and water at least every 14 day. Then remove all fats.

Use Chlorine on the joints after cleaning the tiles. Sprinkle over the joints with a toothbrush. You keep them white and free of mushroom accumulation.

Do not use Green soap

Do not mix chlorine with amminia

Good luck with the cleaning. Once you’re at it, you’ll finish in a sweep 🙂 Please give us feedback or show us the finished result.


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