Everyone should treat themselves to an outdoor Spa Bath!

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Nice inflatable jacuzzi in your own garden.

These days where we can look far after a vacation abroad you should absolutely treat yourself to an outdoor spa bath. When you can’t get out into the world, move the world home to you!

The dream of an outdoor hot tub doesn’t have to be as far away as you think. You can buy a hot tub that is large and must be lifted into place with a hoisting crane, or an inflatable hot tub can be purchased. An inflatable whirlpool is incredibly fine. There are no problems when it should be placed. The hot tub comes in a box that you unpack, then place the hot tub where you want it. If you want to move the hot tub later, empty it for water and move it where you want.

An inflatable whirlpool feels like pure luxury, but for a change, it’s luxury that your wallet can withstand.

There are some reviews you need to take before choosing to buy yourself an outdoor hot tub. We’ve gathered some advice and tips that might be nice to take along the road.

What to think about before buying an outdoor hot tub ?

There is little that beats the feeling of when you can immerse yourself in a good and warm outdoor spa. You can choose whether you want the nozzles that make bubbles to stand on or be off. You easily regulate that yourself. Often with a remote control, or manually on the display of the power guide.

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How big hot tub do you need?

A lot depends on how much space you have at your disposal. Everybode does not have large gardens or terraces, therefore it is okay that there are hot tubs in several sizes. Everything from hot tubs that can accommodate 2 people and up to 6 people.

Once your space options have been clarified, consider how many people will use your spa bath. Are you a big family with more children, a smaller family, or it’s just for you.

In a larger hot tub, there can be several people at the same time, and there is plenty of room for the kids to enjoy. A hot tub for 2 people can be exactly what you need if the space outside is limited and there are not many to use it at the same time. Children are happy whether the water, is delicious and hot. The comfort is the same regardless of its size.


Price is often crucial to the final choice we make. Sometimes price and quality are linked, but not always. With an inflatable whirlpool from Mspa, you can rest assured that the price does not come at the expense of quality. They have many great hot tubs in many different sizes and price ranges. Well worth taking a look at.

You might think it’s okay to buy a smaller hot tub, to begin with to see if you like it? Often it can be an idea and buy that model, and the size you want, from the start.

All whirlpools provide extra electricity costs, but with a steady temperature all the time, the power consumption does not become so great when the temperature outside drops.

You can also find out how big the power consumption will be where you buy the hot tub.

Where to place your hot tub

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Your outdoor hot tub needs a stable and plain surface to stand on. In addition, it must withstand the weight of the hot tub with water and people. How many kilos you have to expect the substrate to withstand is described on the different models that are to be purchased.

If possible, you should place your hot tub near an entrance to the house. We have many cold days and evenings in this country, and when you’re going to go freshly showered into your hot tub, it’s okay that it’s not located far away from the house itself.

Some of us live close to neighbors and it may be okay to shield ourselves a little for visibility. In addition, there may be something to consider that the hot tub runs on electricity, and therefore make sure that the sound does not bother the neighbor too much.

If you have an outdoor living room, you may choose to place your hot tub there. Of course, you don’t have to have a patio with a roof to have a hot tub, but it can be convenient for example through the winter in terms of snow. At the same time, you get closer to nature itself with crystal clear winter evenings without disturbing roofs. But think about it and see what’s best for you and yours.

It is important that you also notice where the water will make of itself when emptying the hot tub. If you’re unlucky, you could risk it ending up in your neighbor’s garden.

Remember that the jacuzzi needs electricity, it should therefore be located near the power outlet of your house.

It can be difficult to meet all the wishes of the location up to where it must stand, e.g. due to power access. Don’t be discouraged for that reason. Wherever you choose to place it, it can be moved later, and the water, it is still delicious and hot!

What characteristics should your hot tub have

When you’re going to acquire a hot tub, find out what properties you want it to have. If you plan to use it all year round then you need to be sure that the hot tub you are buying is designed to withstand Norwegian conditions, all year.

It must withstand large temperature fluctuations so that it does not be exposed to freezing damage or that it has difficulty keeping a steady temperature.

It should be easy and set up and pack down. Nothing is more annoying than throwing away a whole day on a misleading instruction manual. Fortunately, this is a rare problem today, but check to be sure.

There are many models to choose from, and you’re sure to find the hot tub that appeals to you aesthetically. The website of Mspa is a good and clear page that shows the models they have, and how they look, ready set up.


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Even if it is an inflatable whirlpool, it is important that you take care of it and do the necessary maintenance, such as cleaning. When filling your hot tub with water, use the garden hose. Most have drinking water quality also on the water in the garden hose. Most hot tubs have an integrated filter and cleaning function. You can check the water’s PH value by putting small test strips in the water and read the measurements on a form that comes with it. If adjustments are needed, do so with water chemistry products. Most people change the water every four to six weeks.

Remember to shower before and after use. If you shower before bathing, you will keep the water quality longer.

When choosing to buy yourself an inflatable hot tub, feel free to choose a hot tub that has options for accessing spare parts. That means you can have your hot tub for a long time, and just replace the components that get tired.

How to mount an outdoor hot tub

Installing an inflatable whirlpool is so easy. You get your hot tub delivered to the door in a box. Place your hot tub near a power outlet, wait for 5 to 10 minutes and the hot tub blows itself up by itself. Fill the hot tub with water from the garden hose and wait 16 to 18 hours and you have a lovely 40 degrees of heat you can sink into.

Pay attention to

What do you need to pay attention to when using a jacuzzi ? If you have high blood pressure or heart problems, you may want to check with your doctor if you tolerate the high heat over time. Young children and pregnant women should not stay long in the jacuzzi at a time, take a few breaks.

Benefits of an outdoor hot tub

There are many advantages of an outdoor hot tub. The best feeling is probably the feeling of delicious luxury in your own garden.

  • You can use your hot tub whenever you want, all year round.
  • You’ll have it delivered to your door, at home.
  • Good everyday luxury for tired muscles.
  • You can move it wherever you want.
  • You can take it with you wherever you want, at the cabin e.g.
  • Unifying for the family.
  • Stress-reducing.
  • Nice massage.
  • Relaxation and peace of mind.

The most important thing to think about when considering an inflatable hot tub is what you get out of it. It is a cozy, relaxing, and unifying activity you can do with your family. If you’re alone, it’s a wonderful way to start the weekend after a long week at work. You sink your body into benefactors’ heat while sitting under starry skies and let thoughts, stress, and bustle find their way out of a tired mind. This is guaranteed an investment you will never regret.

Good luck, and enjoy yourself, you’ve earned it!





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