Get your terrace ready for summer

Wooden floors
The terrace deck always looks best when it’s got a run with the broom.

The time has come to prepare our patio. There is surprisingly a lot of dirt and dirt that settles in the plank deck of the terrace or platter. The terrace should be washed at least once a year and preferably in the spring. Here are some great tips on how to get rid of everything from moss and dirt to dirt and mold from winter’s rainfall. Set aside a day and you’ll get to the finish.

What you need

Soap bubbles
The use of the right soap gives the best result.

It comes down to how dirty you feel about your terrace. If you’re just going to wash it to freshen it up, it’s a long time to keep you washing or washing soap. You can also scrub with chlorine that will remove fungi and mold formations. But remember that chlorine can bleach the substrate. Let the chlorine work for an hour before flushing it off with the garden hose.

If you are going to wash because you are going to repaint or stain again, you need to go to the acquisition of Kraftwash. A stronger remedy that in addition bleaches down the substrate is Terracer. Both Kraftvask and Terrace purge are served at a Specialist dealer, often those who sell both stain and paint to the terrace.

What to take into account

You must bear to take into account what material your terrace is made of. Although the vast majority today have decking that are pressure-imprigned , there are also other types of materials, which need rare treatment. Here it is best that you interrogate yourself with professionals about what kind of material you have, if you are unsure. If you are going to treat your terrace with oil or stain, it is very important that the substrate is completely clean.

How to do

water hose
Use the garden hose over the high pressure washer.

Take into account to wash your terrace when it is cloudy or rainy. Then you don’t have to have the detergents dry up while you’re doing it. Use a scrub that is intended to use on the terrace. It is important that you use the correct provider so that the end result is the best possible. Scrub your terrace with the soap you’ve chosen. And rinse off well with water from the garden hose. Do not use the high pressure washer if you are not quite sure what you are doing. The high pressure washer can tile up your wood. However, there are ways to connect the high-pressure washer so that the pressure does not become so powerful. A nice alternative to the garden hose. Remember not to wash too large areas at a time. Then you don’t have to let the soap dry into the wood before you can rinse off the soap. Start a corner and work your way forward. Remember to rinse well during the whole process.

If in addition to cleaning the terrace you should oil or stain it, it is best that you do so when it is above 10 degrees in the air and cloudy. And the terrace tables are completely dry after washing. If you have made a brand new terrace with impregnated plates it is best to wait a few months before oiling or grazing the terrace.

Good luck with spring washing. Although at the moment it may seem tiring , it is incredibly delicious when it is done 🙂



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