Peonies to the delight of you and the garden

Peons are a robust perennial that can withstand a whole lot and comes in many varieties. You can get them both high and low, with or without fragrance and in strong or down colors. Peony season is a few weeks in the pre-summer and is a favorite flower that many like to have in their garden. Since peony is a perennial, it will be bigger and bigger each year, with more and more of the beautiful flowers.

How to groom Peonies

Pion bud with ants
The peonies make delicious nectar that the ants love.

Peonies would rather have plenty of sun, but can also stand in the half-shade, then they will bloom longer. You should also give them new and nutritious soil every spring.

Peonies can’t stand with wet roots, so here you have a flower you can water like that and water. You can see that they are dry and need water if they do not have shiny nectar on the buds. If the Peonies are dry, the sugar sheets that are on the buds will dry and the flowers may have trouble springing out. At the same time, the ants are very fond of the nectar of the Peonies and will continue to eat on the dried nectar and petals. Then it is advisable to water the roots a little so that they make more nectar, then it will be easier for them to open up. If you water Peonies too much they will struggle to develop well with roots. Peonies are fond of good drainage so put a layer of gravel or pebbles in the bottom when planting them. Find a place for the Peonies where the rainwater will naturally run away.

Remember that Peonies will be very happy for some lime in the spring. Once there is no frost in the ground you give them lime, preferably a little fertilizer as well. The exception is if they are newly planted, then they should not have fertilizer until the following year. Should they be a little wrth and not to flourish one year then they will most likely flourish again next year, so do not despair.

Moving Peonies

peony pink
Peonies you can get in many colors, choose the one you like best.

Peonies often acquire deep and powerful roots. You can nicely spat them up and move them to another place in the garden, but the best tip is to plant Peonies with the pot on. Leave the Peonies in their pot in the soil until they finish flowering. Then the roots are protected at the same time as they get to develop. It will also be much easier to move the Peons without damaging the roots, should you regret the location of them.

Should you still want to move a Peony you already have in your garden, prepare a deep pot, dig free the Peony and unleash as much of the roots as possible. Remember that peony has deep roots so don’t try to drag them loose, then they will crack. Make sure your pot is as deep as the roots that go into the soil. Put the Peony in the pot and water well. Eventually you can move it to another place in the garden.

Dele Peonies

White Peony
You can split up your Peony. Give away as a gift or plant them in other places in the garden.

Peonies are perfect for splitting up. Then you can plant Peonies in several places in the garden or give them away to someone who wants Peonies. The end of August is the best time to split them up. Then dig up the root lump, make sure there are buds on the ones you want to plant further, divide the roots and put back the ones you’re not going to move. Leave the roots to dry a little before planting them in a new place.

Peonies in vase

Peony in vase
Peonies are lovely both in vase or in a bridal bouquet.

Peonies are perfect as cut flowers, so cut someone from the garden and put in a flower vase. They can withstand standing in a vase for several days and are lovely as decoration if you are going to have company. Cut the stems lightly and put them in cold, clean water. Remember that the leaves should not lie in the water so clean the stems free of leaves.

Peonies are a fun perennial precisely because there are so many different species, and that it is so hardy. It fits in any garden and you don’t have to have particularly green fingers to make it work.

Did you know that Peonies in the bridal goat symbolize prosperity and a happy marriage? No wonder it’s a favorite flower to take with you on the big day.

” I’m in paradise and now I know I love you”

– The significance of the peony


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