Create your own outdoor kitchen

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When the summer finally arrives, enjoy a good meal with friends and family, made in your new outdoor kitchen.

For us Northerners in a country with many dark months, its a true joy when we can finally use the outdoor space again. With outdoor kitchens both under the roof or in the garden, we have the opportunity to use the good time of the year outside. With children running around, and garden visits, we stand together while the food is cooked, and we can participate in good conversations.

What you need to think about


Money outside
Avoid unpleasant surprises and set up a budget for your outdoor kitchen.

Make a budget of how much you plan to spend on your outdoor kitchen. You can buy a lot of nice ready-made packaging solutions, but they often become more expensive than if you build one yourself. If, on the other hand, you need help from professionals, it may as well pay off to buy a ready-made package solution.


outdoor kitchen
Decide if you want your outdoor kitchen in an outdoor living room or in the garden without a superstructure.

Think about where you want to put your outdoor kitchen. If you have an outdoor living room, see if you can fit your outdoor kitchen there, without taking too much of the space. Many people choose to build their outdoor kitchen near the barbecue area. It’s nice to have everything to do with cooking in the same place. It may also be nice to place the outdoor kitchen near the kitchen in the house. If you have a house where this is not possible, find the solutions that makes it as easy as possible for you.


Countertop outdoor kitchen
Choose a worktop that can stand outside.

If you want your outdoor kitchen somewhere where it’s not covered, it is important that you choose materials that can withstand standing outside. If you choose to build the entire outdoor kitchen yourself, you buy materials that are intended for outdoor use. It may be okay to put wheels in the outdoor kitchen if you want to put it away for the winter. A stainless steel worktop is a good material for outdoor use. You can also cast in concrete, but then your outdoor kitchen will be significantly heavier to move, and is therefore best suited to a “fixed” outdoor kitchen. You can of course also make the worktop in wood, but again you need to keep in mind that there are wood that can stand outside.


Wash outdoor kitchen
You can choose to fold the nose into the worktop or put it straight on as here.

You need a sink, one that doesn’t cost the world will last for a long long time. It will definitely be nice if you choose to fold down the sink in the worktop. A reasonably priced mixer tap can also be ues, but remember you have to take it in when winter arrives. You can connect your garden hose to the mixer. If you don’t have a gas grill, there might be something to think about. It quickly gets hot and often comes with separate cooking units on the side. Barbecue facilities are also available in several price ranges. If you skip the most affordable, you can get one with a good cooking area and, not least, pre-assembled.

Pizza oven

Pizza grill
Get the restaurant feeling at home in your own garden.

Some also choose to make or to buy a pizza oven. You get them in several varieties. Everything from gas-powered portable heaters, to wood-fired stoves. The open pizza ovens are also nice for cold evenings. You can make more than just pizza in the oven, for example, bread. It tastes wonderful. Not to mention long-term fried meat. For a pizza grill, you need to have your own pizza shovel. This is because it is hot in the pizza oven and the food to be roasted must be pushed far enough in, without sacrificing the whole arm in the process.

Keep in mind that you can also buy your own pizza stone for your grill.

Outdoor kitchen with the superstructure

Rain outdoor kitchen
If you choose a superstructure for your outdoor kitchen, you’re prepared for the sun from the scorching sun to the dripping rain

You should consider whether you want your outdoor kitchen under the roof. There are several advantages by building a small superstructure, both in terms of sun, shade, and rain. Look around and be inspired.

What’s absolutely certain is that investing in an outdoor kitchen will make your job easier for both you and your family, while at the same time it can be a good addition to both your garden and outdoor living room.

Good luck and enjoy the sunny days 🙂

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