When the heat spoils sleep

It’s great when the heat finally makes its way into this country, but sometimes it can be too much, even for us Northerners. You probably recognize the feeling when you wake up night after night because you’re too hot and are more tired when you’re going to get up than what you were when you went to bed. If we are to believe the researchers, it is not harmful to health with less sleep for a period throughout the summer, but it is still tiring to constantly feel tired. We’ve looked high and low and found some advice for those who struggle with your sleep in the heat.

Fan or Air-condition

Ceiling fan
A ceiling fan makes it`s usefulness on a warm night.

Many have a heat pump in the house and the vast majority you can also use as air conditioning. It’s important that you don’t set the ranks so cold that you get sick of it. It’s delicious when it’s cold, but it’s quick to catch a cold if you let it get too cool in the bedroom. You should not be colder than 20 degrees, then the body should be able to stay cool.

If you don’t have a heat pump and don’t plan on buying one in the near future, you can get far with a fan. A table fan, fan on stand, and fan are available on the ceiling. Try to find one that is as quiet as possible and your sleep doesn’t have to be disturbed by unnecessary sounds as well as the heat.

Release the heat

open window 2
Try to open the window in the bedroom when the sun is not shining in.

If you have bedrooms that have sun for much of the day, the room will feel hot when you go to bed. Try to set up the windows when the sun no longer hits your bedroom. In the middle of the sun, there will be little else for rising heat. If you have the opportunity then try to get a good pass, it will certainly help a little.

Skip the duvet

Replace the duvet with a sheet or duvet cover.

Midsummer is not the time for neither thick duvet nor solid pajamas. Replace the covers with a duvet cover or cotton sheets. If you really want to pamper yourself, invest in linen bedding. Feels amazing against the skin and is cool and good. Cotton is denser and feels warmer against the skin.

Change sleeping space

Bedroom in basement
Try to sleep the basement, if you have one, there it is often cooler than in the rest of the house.

No one comes to your home to check where you sleep, so if your bedroom is too hot, sleep somewhere else. In the past, the houses were used so that the families lived in the basement in the summer, and on the ground floor in winter. The basement of the house will automatically be cooler than rooms up in the house with large solar access, and which are built in wood or timber.

Stay treat cold shower and cold drink

Try to avoid a cold shower before going to bed.

It’s tempting to resort to a cold shower right before you go to bed, and there’s no doubt it helps you there and then. The problem is that you get just as hot shortly after you’ve showered. Your body spends a lot of energy warming you up again and can almost make it all hurt worse.

The same goes for cold drinks. It’s nice to drink something cold when the heat sets in the worst, but you should drink room-tempered drinks. Nettop because your body again spends a lot of energy to heat up the cold drink that you just have completely in you. Doesn’t taste as good, but will do better for you when you’re going to sleep.

Sleep outside

Hammock 2
Spend the night out in a hammock when the heat takes over.

Last but not least. Have you tried every trick in the book, but still struggle with your sleep? Lie out on the terrace or buy yourself a hammock you can close again with a mosquito net. If you can sleep out in the woods, you can sleep outside in the garden. Lots of delicious fresh air, while being cozy. If you are really lucky, you get a night of some breeze and you sleep like a child until the morning after.


Enjoy the heat, we’ve waited so long. It is worth a few nights with little sleep, abruptly so is autumn here again:)





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