Luxury in the garden

To get a swimming pool in the garden must be the peak of happiness. The pool in the garden is not for everyone’s ownership to rain and is still considered a bit of luxury. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you to fulfill your dream of splashing around in your own pool in the garden. There are several ways to fulfill your pool dream, some pool invitations cost a lot while others cost less. We have looked at the different opportunities to be able to fulfill the dream of the pool in the garden. It doesn’t have to be either difficult or prohibitive in price. What is certain is that there is a long-term investment for the whole family, and maybe all the children in the neighborhood. With electric heating, a swimming pool can be used from May to September.

We’ve looked at the different pools you can choose from. Some you can trap down in the garden, others can stand in a suitable place on the field.

What should you think about before deciding on a pool?

Swimming pool with sun loungers
A dream can come true.

We have gone through some of what you have to decide on when building yourself this year’s dream place in the garden. It’s easier if you set out a plan for the job you’re going to do instead of taking it all along the way.

How much space do you have?

The first thing to look at is how much space you have at your disposal. Keep in mind that if you are going to dig down pools you need to calculate more space than the size of the pool itself. You can also choose to put the pool directly on the ground and possibly build it in as part of the existing outdoor space.

Which shape fits into your garden?

The fiberglass pool can be delivered in many beautiful shapes, they are ready to be lowered into the soil.

Where to place the pool?

A sunny space also helps you with the warm-up. Place the pool away from trees and shrubs and you won’t have to get debris and fast in your pool. Feel free to place the pool close to the house so you can accompany if someone bathes in the pool.


Keep in mind that you as the owner of the pool are responsible for safety. You must ensure that there is no risk of children and animals falling into your pool when you are not at home and can supervise it. The moment you have a pool that is deeper than 20 cm, you should either have a 1.5 meter high fence around the pool or a full cover over the pool. Most people recommend drafts since it also helps to prevent heat loss. The cover must be strong enough to manage to keep the weight of a person.

Swimming pool 8
Use your imagination!


Once you have reached which pool you want, please contact several providers and request offers. If you’re going to have a buried pool, there’s going to be a lot of costs that you’ll have to prepare yourself for. Here you may also want to collect prices from professionals. Set up a budget.


Make sure you connect with yourself skilled professionals, you will have that again for later. You may need to have both plumbers and electricians, so collect prices from more people and check their review on e.g. online. Then you have a starting point for who to work with. The same applies to pool and accessory providers, make sure you choose someone with expertise and long speed.

What kind of pool do you want?

You can choose between a pool that can be folded into the soil or a pool that can be put right on the field with some preparatory work on the substrate. Whether you want to dig it down or have it right on the ground has quite a lot to say for the cost.

Pool felled into the garden

Swimming pool with staircase
You can get a pool with stairs, nice to sit with your legs in the water.

With a pool you dig into the ground you need to make sure you have enough space. You need more space than the dimensions of the pool itself. If you choose a finished model, dig out an extra 2 meters around the pool. If you choose to dig down the pool in the garden, you can choose between casting a pool, a ready-made fiberglass pool or with steel plates.

You must examine the ground conditions where you want to place the pool. You may have different ground conditions such as soil, clay, and mountains. Removing this will naturally cost the process. This is also something that you should put away to professionals.

Pool in Betong

You can build a pool in concrete. It is a large and expensive installation, but to reclaim a very solid pool.

The reason many people choose to build one concrete pool may be that one wants a special look that has special requirements for shape and depths or wants one traditional pool.

Concrete pool painted with epoxy, waterproof paint, can have a shorter service life because the paint often peels off after 3 to 5 years.

The molded pool with PVC lining will to last longer if you are good at looking after it. You can also fix it if you get a tear in it.

Many people believe that the tiled pool has the longest lifespan, but it means that you have skilled professionals who lay the tiles. The concrete must be sealed with a membrane before laying the tiles. If work is done when the tiles are laid, the life of the tiles also deteriorates. Correctly done, you can expect your pool to last 20 to 30 years.

Glass fiber pool

The fiberglass pool has a fast construction time, less cost and less maintenance. It has a durable finish of the surface. There may be limits with depth and width since they are finished produced and are transported in a whole piece. You can wash and poller the fiberglass pool like a fiberglass boat, as well as repair the damage with polyester or gel coat. The fiberglass pool is delivered and lowered into the ground and has a very good service life.

A pool of steel plates

Steel plate pools can be buried, but most people choose to put it directly on the ground. If you plan to dig down a steel plate pool, talk to the dealer and make sure it can actually be buried, and possibly what considerations you need to take. Steel plates are fastened together with brackets and rails made of steel. The water is held in place by a PVC edible. This can be patched if it breaks.

Free Pool

Swimming pool with terrace
You can choose a pool that you can embed as part of the platter.

You can get a freestanding pool in several sizes and is a very flexible solution that can be built-in and made part of the terrace. You can get pool packages that contain everything you need, including a filter system. It can be left out all year round unless you choose one of the very smallest pools, they need to be packed away for the winter.

Building a pool above ground allows you to escape digging and groundwork, making it more affordable.

Steel plate pool

If you choose to put a steel plate pool directly on the ground, make sure you place it on a telesafe and well-drained surface of crushed stone, subbus and sand. You can build a retaining wall around the fill steel plate pool, or you can make a repellant for a terrace solution. Many choose to mount a steel plate pool themselves. A steel plate pool is covered with a PVC lining and can be repaired if the accident is out.

Freestanding pool with PVC lining

This is simple pool that is supported by an extra powerful frame. A Frame that provides stability and ensures that the pool is properly standing. Make sure the steel profiles are stainless steel. The pool lining is in most cases a PVC lining. This is an affordable variant that many choose to embed as part of the platter. This may be a good first purchase to see if you like to have a pool in the garden. You get them in several different sizes.

How big a pool do you want?

Swimming bassing 2
You can get a pool in many shapes, what’s best for you?

The plot determines its size. You can buy a pool of all sizes, but the smallest ones must be packed away in winter, so it may be inappropriate to, for example, embed them. Then an inflatable whirlpool can be the thing. You can set the ranks so that it becomes possible to use it to cool down on a hot summer day. At the same time, many of them can stand outside all winter with delicious 38 to 40 degrees.

If you want a pool you can swim more than half a swim in the pool should be at least 8 meters long and 70 to 80 cm deep. But you can have a smaller pool and invest in a countercurrent system. Then you can both cool and train the body at the same time.

You should also think about how many you are using the pool. Is it just for you and your family, or are you thinking of inviting the neighboring children and maybe having a pool party with friends every now and then?

How to trap the pool into your garden

Swimming pool 1
Pool will be a choice you’ll never regret.
  • Excavate the soils,
  • Plan the ground and fill up with crushed stone that ensures telefree ground and drainage of water.
  • Cast sole.
  • Make one of the pools you’ve decided on. Cast pool, steel hob pool or fiberglass pool.
  • Feel free to do the groundwork in the autumn so that it can harden until its completion in the spring.

Heat pump

Molded pool
With an electric heat pump, you can use the pool from May to September.

Without a heat pump, the water will be very cold and only used for bathing children. For others who are a little more crooked, it will offer an icy surprise. By being able to keep a steady temperature in the pool, the period you can use the pool expands. At the same time, we have some variable middlecurree here in Norway, and it is good to know that you can still take a bath even if the grade log does not show 30 degrees of heat.

There are several heat pumps to choose from. The safest thing is often to buy a heat pump from the people you buy the pool from. They have the expertise and help you get the right heat pump for your pool.

Heat pump air to water

This heat pump takes advantage of the heat in the air.

On/Off Heat Pump

Traditional compressor that switches off completely at the temperature achieved and switches back on when the temperature drops below the set temperature.

You can also get heat pumps with compressors that regulate up and down as needed. These make less noise than an off/on heat pump.

There is a difference between how powerful the heat pump you need, it depends on the size of your pool.

Maintenance and cleaning

swimming pool 9
Remember to check the water quality.

You must have a chlorine treatment device or routines for the use of chemicals in the pool. This is to prevent bacteria from growing in the water.

  • Measure chlorine content and PH Value every week, ensure good water quality.
  • Pool vacuum cleaner that can roam at the bottom of the pool is a good investment. It keeps the bottom clean and neat.
  • Refill water regularly if needed
  • Check pumps and circulation regularly.
  • Drain the water before winter and you are sure to release ice and frostbite.

Building rules

Check with the plan and the building authority if you need to apply for a building permit. Check the rules for your municipality. If you are going to build a roof over your pool, you may have to apply, but it helps the municipality.

Why have a pool in the garden?

Pool with hat
A day by the pool, what could be better?

If you’re still unsure if you’re going to step out altogether, we’ll give you some tips on why you should literally throw yourself in and get yourself a swimming pool now.

  • Delicious feeling of luxury in your own garden
  • Children learn a natural approach to the water.
  • Social with both family and friends.
  • Good for your health, you can use it to train your whole body.
  • Warmer than in the sea.
  • Can be used regardless of weather.

If you have any option, it is a good idea to install an outdoor shower. Then your guests can shower both before and after bathing.

Even if you have a pool in the garden and most likely are present when it should be used by large and small it is okay to have an overview of the bathing rules.

Bathing rules

  1. Learn to swim
  2. Never bath alone.
  3. Do not bathe when you are hungry or just after you have eaten.
  4. Dive not without knowing how deep it is.
  5. Don’t push others into the water.
  6. Never put anyone underwater.
  7. Go ashore if you feel cold or unwell.
  8. Call for help only if you’re in danger.


The planning itself can be fun to share with someone. There are many decisions to be made, and many models to choose from. Look around and get inspired. Good luck with the project and enjoying lazy days in the pool 🙂




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